In Pursuit of a Princess in Queluz


I took Sienna out of pre-school this stormy Monday morning to visit Queluz Palace. A place that doesn't tend to be on a tourist's radar because it lays right in between Lisbon and Sintra, where we already have an abundance of incredible sites! Palácio de Queluz is just 20 minutes away by train (click here if you would like to check out the timetable), making it the perfect (crowd-free) excursion to start the week. 

We like visiting castles and palaces. Sienna loves princesses (and keeps asking me if I've found my prince!), and so we make a game out of it. She spotted the princesses on the paintings by herself, so I know she's taking things in. It really is special to walk in such quintessence.


Known to be the Versailles of Portugal, and I definitely agree. But this isn't France, it's a different kind of beauty. Queluz Palace was originally the summer residence to Dona Maria I, who was later kept here away from public view as she was considered mad; her screams would echo through the beautiful, golden, ornate rooms. Her husband, King Pedro III, was her father's youngest brother and you can see his death bed here (it's stunning!). Dona Maria later had to leave to Brazil during the French invasion and was never to return. 

 Making ourselves at home for a while! 

Making ourselves at home for a while! 

Currently being restored, I can't wait to come back and visit the gardens properly next year. In the meantime I really recommend you taking some time to experience some culture this Christmas - come to Queluz