Wrinkle-Free with Rose Hip Oil

 Image by ASOS.

Image by ASOS.

Motherhood: the days are long [and so are the nights!], but the years are short.

Until recently I truly believed that the bags under my eyes from sleepless nights would never disappear and maybe even lead to premature aging! As time is of the essence being a mother, I just can't get enough of beauty-hacks and quick-fixes..

Back when I was a model (that's a post for another time!), I once worked with a makeup artist who told me I should apply rose hip oil under my eyes everyday to prevent aging.

Rose hip oil is commonly used for reducing scaring, but this amber-coloured little miracle contains natural antioxidants, vitamin E, beta carotene and phytosteroids all of which prevent premature aging.

Rose hip oil is now part of my bedtime skin routine and I have been applying Trilogy's Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil religiously for a few months now. The effects are amazing, and the skin around my eyes has really improved.

Rose hip oil should not be applied if your skin will be exposed to the sun so its best to use it at night. At nighttime, cells go into overdrive to repair the damage incurred during the day from things such as environmental pollution and UV rays, so applying rose hip oil will optimize healing. What's more, there are so many muscles in our faces that we don't use so massaging them will help to tighten the skin.

Cheaper than most night creams, this mini marvel is sure to work wonders for your tired skin. 

* Fun fact! In the US, rose hip used to be an ingredient in Ketchup due to its really high vitamin C content. *