I'm a Blogger... Get Me Out Of Here!

 Having the most magical time in the enchanting forest of Sintra. 

Having the most magical time in the enchanting forest of Sintra. 

What does it really take to become a blogger? What is really behind that Instagram photo? These are questions being asked more and more frequently out in the digital jungle. Well, here from the urban jungle that is Lisbon, Portugal I can tell you that it takes perseverance, hard work, and a lot of just having faith in Shine A Life - for the times you get invaded by worms and ants. Yes, worms AND ants!!

We are currently in a flatshare in an awesome neighbourhood where Sienna attends a Catholic pre-school (although as of tomorrow she will be on holiday for a month and we are heading to Cadiz). We have come to Lisbon seeking a better lifestyle to the commute-8-to-4-full-time-work-nursery-commute gig we used to play. 

We have already had a lifestyle improvement of 500%, with almost weekly day trips to the beach, lots of sunlight, 100% local produce and the freedom of being able to build a life that we choose and love. Sienna is also super happy that she gets to wear a dress every single day. 

It all takes time. You've got to be patient. And as I've said before, you have to always look on the bright side. 

Sienna and I have just about recovered from a bout of gastric worms (omfg gahhh 😩😩). But it's all good, we are learning and getting stronger every day. Now, the question is, have I been eating ant corpses in my food? 😭

I would finally like to introduce you to Single Mom Travel, a group of single mothers travelling the world with their children - all in different ways! I am excited to see where this inspiring new venture will take us 💕.