I'm a Blogger... Get me Out of here! : Trust your Intuition

Worms, ants, mosquitos.. we've had it all. Well not quite. We were recently blessed with a new friend here in our apartment building. The furry grey kind with a long pink tail, that I found poking out from under a pile of boxes a few days later. And then came the smell. Ughhh. Apparently there were three of them all together and it obviously took them a while to be found once the poison had gone down! 

I would be lying if I told you it didn't freak me out: on leaving the house one day, I saw one of them up on the wall in the entrance of our building (I mean, how!?). I leapt right back inside, screaming, slamming the door behind me! What if it got in!!! But then, I realised that this little vermin family really was a blessing. Was their presence preventing me from doing what I do with purpose and good intent? Were they making me lose focus of my vision and motivation? Most importantly, were they stopping me from being happy? No, no and obviously no!! 

It's when you realise that the "rats" in your life don't have anything on you, that you develop stamina and perseverance. And when that horrible odor of dead rodent finally subsides, you're left with a clearing. A foundation of negative experiences and a chance to put them into perspective, learn and move swiftly on. 

In blogging or life (or whatever you want to call it!), you will have contact with a lot of people. You will be faced with many different situations. Some will be right, some won't be. I wouldn't mind betting that when you first get an inkling that something is up, you turn out to be proven right further down the line, only sometimes it's too late to prevent the inevitable outcome. 

Take a brand that doesn't get back to your email or agrees to a collaboration and then doesn't follow through? Trust that it is a good thing you won't have further involvement with them! Someone taking advantage of your selflessness, good-will and desire to serve? You need to be able to smell the rat in your network and your surroundings but not let it steer you off path. Only you can control what you let affect you, and how you react, and your intuition is a powerful tool for staying true to yourself and your principles. If something doesn't ring right then listen up and be patient. Give time to time and you will always receive valuable insight. 

Equally, if you snap an amazing photo like the Yellow Coat up there then take it as a sign that you are on the right track. If you experience one of those serendipitous, instant sparks with someone - be sure to keep riding the wave that is your creative flow and higher purpose! 

I have just found a huge slug slithering outside my bedroom... Get me out of here!!