The Grass is Always Greener on the Otherside...

... Because sometimes it's artificial turf.  One of the "problems" with being bitten by the Wanderlust bug is that, as I said here, the moment you can't always go wherever you want, whenever you want, you can start to lust after just that: being somewhereanywhere else. And as I was walking down the street taking in the sun and the smell of freshly cut grass this afternoon, I decided to write this post to put the Spring (yes I think it’s finally here!) back into your step.

The move from Chile back to England (already over a year ago!) was challenging mentally, emotionally and practically (Expat Mums I’m sure you can relate) in so many ways but it has also made me stronger. I am a now hundred times better at enjoying the present moment as well as what my surroundings have to offer, and I have discovered the lovely, lush shades of green of England (compared to Santiago de Chile’s dryness!).

The point is that the problem is not always the place and you can find beautiful moments right around the corner no matter where you are. If Life throws you lemons then You have the power to make it sweet! Welcome (a little early and still a bit chilly!) to Spring!

Happiness is when Life's a swing in the park!