Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go!

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It's been a summer to remember (my daughter's first British summer), with constant trips around Europe, and thus zero blog posts! When my partner had to leave England back in March due to visa difficulties, I was faced with temporarily looking after my then 3-month-old  Sienna, alone. Daunting as it was (although no more than that very first night alone with her in hospital!), I was determined that life surely can't change that much - having a baby doesn't stop you from enjoying life and having a good time! The contrary, Sienna and I are living proof of how life just gets better and better with a lovely little baby companion at your side! 

With trips to France, Spain, and Italy, as well as various destinations within England: in the first 10 months of Sienna's life she has been to 3 capital cities, she has taken the underground in 6 cities, the Eurostar, as well as 8 aeroplanes...!! And as Europe gets ready this Saturday for the clocks going back and winter looming, we are set for The Latin America Chapter. We have finally arrived in Chile, reunited with our babypapa! And guess what, we get to have summer all over again...

In the posts to follow I will show you exactly how possible it is to travel with a very little one (solo!), with tips and tricks that we picked up along the way. For now I would like to recommend Dr. Seuss's book "Oh, the places you'll go!". My daughter loves the bright colours on every page and I love the message it brings. Not a bedtime story, but a "breakfast book", as I like to call it, with this book you'll start each day in a bright way! Which places are you going to today? Wherever it is, make sure you go the extra mile! 

Our first selfie marking our first picnic!