Mama's as Mad as a Hatter!

I'm back! I know, I know, I've gone and had one of those few-months-of-silence things again; a not-so-shine-a- Life went and got in the way again! But I haven't given up and I am so happy to say that my creative flow has been awakened once again thanks to my little Sienna. Here she is...

It's her nursery Dragonflies' first birthday today and to celebrate they are throwing an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. Because I'm a Modern Mother and have so many other things to keep on top of too, I only found this out 48 hours ago so I've been up very late hand-stitching her costume (I thought I could get away without costume-making until at least Sienna's early school years!); but it's been a really great project.

Over the past few months of silence (in my defense I have started a new job and we have recently moved into a new home!), I have at least been reflecting on something: Can mothers really, truly, shamelessly have it all? By this I mean can we fulfill our womanhood to its utmost potential whilst giving our children the best possible upbringing, without sacrificing a single little bit of what they deserve? And can we do all of that without going insane?!

The answer is I think we can. Admittedly I do have my Mad as a Hatter days and I most definitely have my "I'm late! I'm late!" days like my little White Rabbit up there, but not a day goes by where I don't feel so blessed to experience Life as a Modern Mother.

Now I don't quite have all the answers but when I say "I'm back!" I mean it, so please stay tuned for the posts to come where you'll be able to catch up with us and get on the inside of this Shine A Life. And remember, "all the best people are... entirely bonkers"!