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Shine A Life

Shine-a-Life is a British-Chilean Mother-Daughter duo: Emily Lancaster and Sienna Guerrero Lancaster. Emily is English by blood but Chilean by heart, and Sienna is a true mix of both! This blog is a focus on their passion for travel, food, fashion and how they go about living Life to the full. Which of the two is the Shine and which is the Life? That's for you to decide...





Definition: The cumulative attitudes and consistent habits of thinking that a person develops about his or her chosen lifestyle.

From Style Inspiration to Natural Home Remedies, a "The Best is Yet to Come" attitude, and my very own Grandmother's Golden Advice: Here you will find a little Something of Everything to help enhance your Shine A Life.



The Wonders of Motherhood & Childhood on the road, and raising a happy little Woman of the World. Marvelling in the goods times and tips for getting through the tougher times. This is Shine A Little Life.