Miami to Seattle: 5 States in 5 Weeks

Go Seahawks!

It's been two years since I have taken a long haul flight with Sienna, two years since we have travelled with anything bigger than a cabin suitcase (well apart from her car seat, push chair, pop-up travel cot, etc. etc.!). As we leave the UK today we are saying goodbye (at least for now) to a life of fumbling for house keys, running for the bus, and full-time work/childcare. We are leaving for a life on the road and something that I have dreamed about for past couple of years: more time with my little lady. For the next three months until we move to Lisbon, I will get to be almost 100% of the time with my three-year-old. Finally! 

That doesn't mean to say, though, that we are not going to face new challenges. I have already struggled with packing (light) for both summer and winter weather, planning the moving-to-Lisbon logistics, and well, who knows how this ten hour flight with my threenager will turn out! Whilst we're away in the USA we'll keep you updated with what worked and what didn't, the places we saw (with child-friendly tips of course!), the people we met, the food we ate and more! Thank you for being here. This is Shine A Life.

My number one piece of travel-with-your-tot advice is ask for help! It took three members of staff to say yes but we eventually got a lift to the other end of the airport to our departure gate!