The Cat in the Hat is our latest favourite.

The Cat in the Hat is our latest favourite.

Sienna has been able to click her fingers for a couple of months now after lots of perseverance. We still celebrate whenever she does it. This morning we sat and clicked our fingers in time to the music that was playing for the first time. She with her left hand, I with my right. Interestingly, I am left-handed and she is right-handed, yet we naturally click with our opposite fingers.

“I can’t click the fingers on this hand”. You can hear the British twang in her accent, although she still hasn’t mastered “th”. It’s “fu” this, “fu” that. “Fu” everything.

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m not feeling guilty at all about what we’re not doing right now. Sundays are for contemplation anyway. Contemplation: con = with + templum = to place something in front of an altar; to stretch; a piece of ground for the auspices.

Clarity, therefore, simply must arise from the act of contemplation. The trick is to avoid juggling too much. Keep it simple. The best things can come from just a click of the fingers.